Real estate investment services

We offer over 30 years of professional experience in German real estate industry:

a) small size investments, residential houses (app. € 2 mio)

where technical and legal due dilligence, specific German tenant law regulations and the tax situation are most important.

b) medium size investments (€ 20-30 mio.)

including court auction procedures and bidding agreements, reconstruction and refurbishment projects, financial statements incl. transformation of cash-flow accounts into accrued accounts and reviews on the contractors and property managers work.

c) large size investments of funds (up to € 2 bn.)

ranging from financial reporting structures  with combination of IT systems of different property managers to financial statments under IFRS and German commercial law (HGB) and to international tax concepts.

My work as chartered accountant and my work as an arbitrator before German courts focus on the real estate industry, too.